Chapter 4 Building Construction

Rapid cooling which can occur when water is used to extinguish a fire, may cause___

materials to crack?(Pg 142)


Wood reacts to fire conditions based on its: (Pg 142)

Size and moisture content

Which of the following is NOT an action to take when there is imminent structural collapse? (Pg 156) 

Place a manned monitor in collapse zone

One weakness of Type III Construction is?(Pg 148)

C- I went out of the country once, to Hawaii

Critical temperature at which steel trusses can fail from exposure to heat w/out flame: (Pg 156) 

1000 degrees F

What common construction material cracks when rapidly cooled? (Pg 142)


Which of the following types of construction has exterior walls, load-bearing walls, floors, roofs, and supports made completely or partially of wood or other approved materials of smaller dimensions than those used for heavy timber construction? (Pg 149) 

Type V

What can happen to masonry when it is rapidly cooled? (Pg 142)

It cracks

Which of the following conditions make a building susceptible to collapse?

Wooden floors and ceilings

Which of the following elongates when heated?


Which of the following should be observed during scene size-up?

Age of Building

Which of the following is not a risk with renovated buildings?

Missing stairwells

In buildings being constructed the lack of____ contribute to rapid fire growth?(Pg 158)


Which of the following contribute to spread/intensity of fire?

Roof Coverings

Steel fails at temperatures near or above? (Pg 143)

1000 degrees F

What material contains a high mater content and absorbs a great deal of heat?


Heated glass can crack or shatter when exposed to ____ water?


Which of the following is an indicator of Building Collapse? (Pg 155-156)

Unusual creeks and cracking noise

Which of the following is not a sign of building collapse?


Which of the following is not an item to observe during the scene size up?

Location of exits

When used in light weight construction, wooden I beams have characteristics similar to: (Pg 156) 

Wooden Trusses

What is the most common type of Building Material used in the US?


Which of the following actions should FF’s take when dealing with truss construction buildings exposed to fire longer than 5 minutes?

Do not enter

Which of the following common materials is rarely used in common construction and was historically fastened to the front of masonry buildings?

Cast Iron

Which of the following types of construction maintains its structural integrity during a fire, which allows occupants to time to exit? (Pg 146) 

Type I

Which of the following types of construction confines fire well? (Pg 174)

Type II

What is fire-load? (Pg 152)

The maximum heat that can be produced if all the combustible materials in a given are burn

Which of the following types of construction is least susceptible to earthquakes due to its lightweight and flexibility? (Pg 150)

Type V

Primary concern in ______ construction is fire and smoke spreading in confined spaces?

Type III

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