Chapter 19 Communications

Which of the following is not a guideline for using radios?

Use slang or jargon

Which of the following displays the location of fire dept units on a map? 930

Automatic Vehicle locating system

In most jurisdictions, who plays the role of telecommunicator? 926

Professional communications specialist

Which communications equipment can shorten response time and enable dispatchers to handle a greater volume of calls? 934

Computer aided dispatch systems

Which types of telephones allow the hearing or speech impaired to communicate over the telephone.

TDD/TTY phones

When transmitting emergency traffic, what is the first step to be taken? 948

Telecommunicator should give an attention tone

Radio logs are kept in what order?


Which of the following is common courtesy?

Identify name and department

Which agency outlines the necessary information needed to complete incident reports? 949

National Fire Incident Reporting System

Incident reports should be filled out using: 949

terminology that non fire personnel can understand

Which of the following is usually included in an incident report: 949

Method used to extinguish fire

Which type of language should be used during radio transmissions? 943

Plain text

When a citizen walks in to report an emergency it is important to get? 938

The reporting party’s name, address, and telephone number

_____ should be gathered as quickly as possible when receiving an emergency call from the public. 936-937

Type of incident

When reporting a fire or emergency from a _____ the caller should stay at that location until FF’s arrive. 940

Fire alarm telegraph box

Which of the following is a feature of enhanced 911?

It displays the location from which the call is being made

Which feature of basic 911 allows telecommunicator to maintain access to a callers phone line? 937

Called party hold

Who assigns a tactical frequency? 947

The telecommunicator

Under which section of the arrival report is the incident named? 946

Command status

When reporting fire of emergency by phone an no address is available the caller should report.

Nearby cross streets or landmarks

Which public alerting systems were installed on street corners and connected to a wired telegraph circuit within all fire stations in the jurisdiction? 939

Wired telegraph circuit boxes

Tactical channels are most often used on _____ incidents? 947


At what point can units be dispatched? 936-937

After gathering pertinent information

Which of the following is another name for an arrival report? 945

Situation report

Which of the following is a systematic way of confirming the status of any unit operating at an incident.

Personnel Accountability Report

Which of the following radio procedures is MOST accurate: 943-944

Be concise and to the point

Which is not a function of alarm systems?

Alert authorities that occupants are trapped in the building

Who can normally strike multiple alarms or order additional resources? 947

the incident commander

Which of the following are most widely used for transmitting fire alarms?


Which of the following should be used when the IC decides FF’s should immediately withdraw from a burning building? 948

Evacuation signal

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