Chapter 3 Fire Behavior

Which of the following extinguishing methods interrupts combustion and flame production?(Pg 132)

Chemical Flame Inhibition

Which of the following classifications of fires include combustible metals such as aluminum, magnesium, potassium, sodium, titanium, and zirconium?(Pg 111)

Class D

Which of the following statements about self-sustained chemical reactions is MOST accurate?(Pg 106)

Process involves many types of intermediate combustion products, many of which are flammable & toxic.

Which of the following does NOT affect the availability of additional fuels?(Pg 125-126)

Fire Sprinkle location

Which of the following classification of fires include ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth, papers, etc?(Pg 110)

Class A Fires

Which of the following refers to the temperature at which a liquid gives off sufficient vapors to ignite but not sustain combustion?(Pg 98) Flash Point

Which of the following cause the most fire related deaths?(Pg 108) Toxic Smoke

During which stage of fire growth has the fire not influenced the environment within the compartment to a significant extent?(Pg 113)

Incipient Stage

What is the most common source of combustion?(Pg 91)


When electric current flows through a conductor, what type of heat is produced?(Pg 92)

Resistance heating

In the Customary System, the unit of measure for heats is?(Pg 89)

British Thermal Unit

Applying large amounts of heat to a solid surface causes?(Pg 100)


Which of the following products of combustion is produced in the combustion of materials containing nitrogen and is a significant byproduct of the combustion of polyurethane foam?

Hydrogen Cyanide

Flaming combustion is more accurately explained using?(Pg 87)

The Fire Tetrahedron

Which of the following occurs when a substance remains chemically the same but changes in size, shape, or appearance?(Pg 87)

Physical Change

Which of the following is a chemical reaction involving the combination of oxygen with other materials?(Pg 87)


Which of the following refers to reactions that absorb energy as they occur?(Pg 87)

Endothermic reactions

Which of the following occurs when a substance changes from one type of matter into another?(Pg 87)

Chemical Reaction

Which of the following is the temperature to which the surface of a substance must be heated for ignition and self sustained combustion to occur?(Pg 90)


Modes of combustion are differentiated by?(Pg 87)

Where reaction occurs

Which of the following is not a part of the fire tetrahedron?(Pg 88)

Fire inhibitor

Fuel in a combustion reaction is known as?(Pg 88)

Reducing agent

Which of the following refers to transfer of heat within a body or to another body through direct contact?(Pg94)


Which of the following is the primary oxidizing agent in most fires?(Pg 103)


In flaming combustion, the fire will continue to burn until the fuel or oxygen is exhausted, or?(Pg 106)

An extinguishing agent is applied in sufficient quantity to interfere with the ongoing reaction

Which of the following statements about radiant heat is MOST accurate?(Pg 95)

Radiant heat becomes the dominant mode of heat transfer when the fire grows in size

Which of the following modes of combustion occurs when solid fuels undergo oxidation at the surface of the fuel?(Pg 106) Surface combustion/Standard combustion

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