Chapter 14 Fire Streams

When heated to boiling point, water absorbs heat by converting it into gas phase called?


The volume of water discharged by fire stream is determined by the design of the nozzle and? 745

water pressure at the nozzle

Which pattern has limited capability of cooling hot gases?

Solid stream

When handling solid stream nozzles, increasing the nozzle discharge and flow rate:

Increases nozzle reaction

Which term refers to the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of a specified mass of substance by one degree? 718

Specific Heat

Which of the following fire streams classifications discharges less than 40 gpm including those fed by booster lines? 724

Low volume stream

Applying water of foam directly onto burning material: 717

reduces its temperature

Which of the following checks should be made in nozzle inspections?

ease of operation of nozzle parts

Friction loss is defined as that part of total pressure that is lost:

While forcing water through pipes, fittings, fire hose and adapters

At 212 degrees water expands __________times its original size/mass?


Which of the following streams is composed of fine water droplets? 728

Fog Stream

Which water stream consists of fine water particles? 728


Which fire stream classification discharges 350 GPM and is fed by 2 1/2 to 3 inch hose? 725

master stream

When water discharged at angles from the center line of the fog stream nozzle: 732

the reaction forces may counterbalance each other and reduce the nozzle reaction

Elevation pressure refers to gain or loss in hoseline pressure caused by?

Gravity when there is a different height

Which fire stream flow from 40-350 GPM?


Method by which fire streams can protect FF’s and property from heat?

Water Curtain

When the flow of water through fire hose stops suddenly ______ occurs?

Water hammer

Which of the following is a fire stream produced from a fixed orifice?

Solid stream

Fog and combination nozzles are designed to operate at _______?

100 psi

What is the advantage of using fog nozzles?

Different streams

What happens when you increase the discharge rate on a smooth bore nozzle? 732

Increase in nozzle reaction

Which of the following is an advantage of solid streams? 727

They have greater penetration power than other streams

Which of the following is a method to prevent water hammer?

Open and close nozzles slowly

Solid bore handlines:

are limited to certain types of class A applications

The reaction of a solid steam nozzle is caused by the nozzle, velocity of the stream, flow rate of the stream, and?

Discharge pattern

One method used with fire streams to reduce heat and provide protection is to create a barrier between a fuel and a fire:

Covering the fuel with a foam blanket

Which of the following is the most common nozzle control valve and provides effective control with a minimum of effort?

Ball valve

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