Fire Control

Gas Cooling?

Reduces hazards of hot gas layer

Which of the following terms refers to the quantity of heat absorbed by a substance at the point at which it changes from a liquid to a vapor?

Latent heat of vaporization

What should advancing hose line crews carry? 762

Forcible entry tools

Most efficient use of water on free burning fires is made by a ____ attack on the fire?


Which of the following is critical to converting water to steam?

Heat absorption

Which attack techniques is water applied in short bursts directly onto burning fuels?


When the structure of major contents are involved, FF’s should _____ until the fire officer gives orders to advance. 763

Wait at building entrance

What angle should a fog stream be set on to apply short bursts of water at the ceiling?

40-60 degrees

What is the first duty of the second arriving company?

Back up the first company

In what direction should fire be approached and attacked to keep it from entering unburned areas?

Unburned side

Which of the following patterns can protect from radian heat?

Wide angle fog

When attacking a fire in the upper levels of a stucture, the attack is typically initiated from ______. 793

The floor below the fire

Master streams flow at a  minimum of how many GPM? 725


Which of the following is a facto of hoseline selection? 764

Fire load and material involved

Which of the following is NOT a consideration prior to entering a burning building?

Checking forcible entry tools

What plays a critical role in stream production?

Heat Absorption

In which type of attack is a fog stream introduced through a small opening and different at the ceiling, where heat is most increased?


Which of the following should be worn when attacking a trash container fire? 799

Wear full PPE and SCBA

Which steam provides the greatest reach? 764

Solid steam

Which pattern has limited capability for cooling hot gases? 764

Solid stream

Which of the following nozzles has a range of streams?


Elevated master stream devices can be used to apply water to upper stories of a multistory building in a ______ fire attack?


The master stream should be aimed so it enters the structure at a ______ angle?


Which of the following personnel from the first-arriving engine company should conduct a rapid initial assessment of the situation? 788

Company officer

What is the length range for articulating aerial platforms manufactured in North America? 772

55- 85 ft

How many people to supply and deploy a master stream?


In which of the following  ways help mitigate fire spread by cooling the gas layer?

It slows the heat absorption of other combustibles

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