Chapter 5 Firefighter PPE

What does an SCBA do?

Protects face and lungs form toxic substances

What is the primary function of a Helmet?Pg 169

Protect the head from impact

What standard requires that structural firefighting gear be made of three components?Pg 173 

NFPA 1971

Which of the following is NOT one of the functions of protective coat and trousers?Pg168 

To protect hands from cuts, abrasions, and burn injuries

Which of the following statements about wild land personal protective clothing is MOST accurate? Pg 177-178

Hard hats or helmets with chin straps must be worn for head protection

Which of the following is NOT a general guidline to keep in mind when removing part of an SCBA when exiting an area? Pg 211

Drag it behind you

All FF’s who wear an SCBA must be tested for proper fit of a face piece when new face pieces are issued or? Pg 208


How could you prevent overheating of an SCBA cylinder?Pg 206

By filling slowly

A restricted opening is one that?Pg 211

Requires the FF to take of the SCBA

Which component of an SCBA provides some protection from facial and respiratory burns?Pg 194

Face piece

Which of the following types of poisoning causes more fire deaths than any other toxic product of combustion?Pg 183

Carbon Monoxide

The decision to stay or leave is always made by the?Pg 189


Pass devices should be checked?Pg 205


A harness assembly: Pg 190

Rigid frame with straps that hold the air cylinder on the firefighters back

Which of the following is not a proper way of storing an SCBA?Pg 200

Do not store in personal locker

Which inspection should equipment be removed from service?Pg 206


What is the first step in doffing an SCBA?Pg 204

Ensuring that you are no longer in the hazardous environment

Which of the following is NOT a general guideline when donning an SCBA face piece?Pg 204

The hood is to be worn under the face piece straps

Which of the following is not an equipment limitation of SCBA?Pg 188

Decreased weight

Fire fighters that wear prescription safety glasses must make sure the frames and lenses meet_____ , for severe impact and heat. Pg 170

ANSI Standard Z87.1

Which of the following is the best way to don an SCBA that is mounted in a side compartment?Pg 202

Same as the seat mounted method

In an ________atmosphere a fire fighter should use a tag line?Pg 211


Air purifying respirators are also know as?Pg 190

Filtered Masks

If you are exhausted or feel as if you will loose consciousness, you should: Pg 210

Lie flat on the floor close to a wall

Which of the following does not affect the FFs mental ability to use respiratory protection effectively?Pg188


What is the best way for a firefighter to move through a room with limited visibility?Pg 211


NFPA 1404 recommends that a cylinder contain no less than ______% of cylinder capacity. Pg 200


An oxygen deprived environment contains less than?Pg 181

19.5 percent

What action should be taken to facilitate communicating when a downed firefighter is located?Pg 199

Silence the pass device

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