Chapter 2 Firefighter Safety and Health

Before entering the hot zone, what should be done with the passport system?(Pg 75)

Every company officer should collect passports from each member of crew and give it to a designated Accountability Officer

Where should the fire apparatus be positioned at highway incidents?(Pg 72)

Position fire apparatus to block oncoming traffic

In order to prevent injuries firefighters should?(Pg 72)

Where proper PPE

Which of these is NOT a rule for operating power saws?(Pg 67)

Keep blades and chains dull

In a SCBA tag system, the expected time of exit is based on?(Pg 75)

Pressure in the lowest reading SCBA in the team

When mounting or dismounting fire apparatus, firefighter should always try to?(Pg 63)

Use handrails and stairs

What are defensive operations based on?(Pg 71)

The boundaries of the hazard zone along with the potential collapse zone

Which of the following  methods are used to prevent slips, trips, and falls?(Pg 65)

Good Housekeeping

What NFPA standard states the minimum requirements for a occupational safety and health program?

NFPA 1500

One of the main goals of a safety program is to reduce the incidence and severity of accidents and?

(Pg 53) Hazardous exposures

To be in compliance with NFPA 1500, fire departments must?(Pg 52)

Keep good records of all job related accidents, illnesses, exposures, and fatalities

Which of the following programs would help a firefighter who wanted to stop smoking?(Pg 61)

A wellness program

What agency does OSHA operate under?(Pg 56)

The US Department of Labor

Who do Federal OSHA regulations apply to?(Pg 56)

Only to federal employees who fight fires and private sector employees who fight fires

Which of the following should firefighters do to prevent injury?(Pg 50)

Maintain a high level of fitness

Which of the following is the first tactical priority at a structure fire?

Firefighter safety

In most departments what must firefighters be wearing when they enter the cab of the apparatus?(Pg 63)

All of the protective clothing

Fire fighting injuries can be prevented by?

The use of personal protective clothing and equipment

Which of the following is NOT a technique for interior operations?(Pg 76-77)

Staying inside the building until exhausted

Who assumes command at the beginning of the incident by using incident management system?(Pg 70)

The officer on the first arriving unit

How often should equipment used on fire training evolutions be inspected?(Pg 69)

Before each drill

Accidents or injuries @ emergencies? 

can be prevented by always being in a ready state

What is an important way to increase your chance of surviving a life-threatening situation in a structure fire?(Pg 77)

Is to know your departments protocol for calling a Mayday

Both NFPA and OSHA requires that in an environment or IDLH that teams must consist of 2-3 or more and that ____ fully trained fire fighter be ready outside?(Pg 77) 2

When applying IFSTA Principles for Risk Management, which of the following is vital to safety and must be emphasized?(Pg 58)

Team Integrity

What is the NFPA standard for Live Burn Training?

NFPA 1403

When are emergency escape techniques used?

In life threatening situations

What are defensive operations based on?

The boundaries of the hazard zone with the potential collapse zone

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