Chapter 13 Fire Hose

Which hose appliance controls the flow of water in hose lines, at hydrants, and at pumpers? 643


Which part of a threaded coupling aides in tightening and loosening couplings? 640


When applying a hose clamp, how many feet behind the apparatus should it be? 650

20 ft

The ______ gasket is used to make the connection watertight when femal and male ends are connected. 642


Which types of valves are used in pumper discharges and gate valves? 643

Ball Valves

Which types of valve devices are most often used in wild land fire fighting operations? 644

Water Thief

Which hose roll is the simplest of all hose rolls? 653

Straight Roll

Which hose tool is used to prevent damage to hose when vehicles must drive over it? 651

Hose ramps

Which hose load is the best way to load large diameter hose? 658

Flat Load

When laying hose, drive the apparatus between _____ MPH. 664

5 to 10

The threads on pump male discharge outlets are protected by fittings called? 647

Hose caps

Which type of fittings are used to connect a smaller hoseline to the end of a larger one? 647


Which types of valves are used on large pump intakes and incorporate a flat baffle that turns 90 degrees? 643


A fire hose size refers to? 633

Inside diameter

What is the maximum amount of hose that can be tested at once? 683

300 ft

Which hose load has fewer sharp bends than an accordion or flat loads? 657

horseshoe load

Method of operating hose line that requires @ least 10 ft of straight hose behind the nozzle? 678

1 firefighter method

What should be done to fire hose that has been exposed to hazardous materials? 637

Dispose of hose according to departmental SOP

Which hose tool is installed on a ruptured section of hose line to temporarily repair a rupture of leak? 649

B (Thanks, and no, it wasn’t the same person as last time)

Hose Jacket

Hose bed set up for forward lay should be loaded so that the first coupling to come off the hose bed is: 644


Use ______ to help prevent mechanical damage to the fire hose. 634

Hose Ramps

To clean a swivel on a hose coupling: 642

Use warm soap and water

Which types of fittings are used for connecting hose couplings with dissimilar threads and the same inside diameter? 647


When connecting to standpipes, crews should go one floor ____ the fire floor: 674


When should hose be service tested?

After being ran over by a vehicle

Which type of test is used periodically to ensure the hose is still capable of performing as required?

Service Testing

Which of the following are two types of performed on a firehose? 680

Acceptance and Service

Which hose tool is used to tighten and loosen couplings and may be fitted with an opening for gas utility valves?


Hose thats been service tested should be marked with a _____ to ensure that it was tested?

Year and Date

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