Chapter 9 Forcible Entry

Not a way a fire door may be operated: 423


The key in knob lock is one type of: 426

Bored Lock

Which of the following types of fire doors normally remain open, and close only when the hold open device releases the door because a fusible link has melted? 424

Automatic Closing

Tubular aluminum doors are: 416


Which of the following steps may be taken when following orders to force a metal door? 416

If the door proves difficult to force, breach the wall next to it rather than continue trying to force the door

Which type of door is most commonly found on warehouses, storerooms, barns, sheds, and similar structures? 415


Which kind of lubricant works best for oiling unprotected surfaces? 412

Light machine oil

Running power tools should never be carried more than? 411

10 ft

Which of the following is the primary obstacle FF’s face in gaining access? 413

locked or blocked doors

Which of the following is an example of a common striking tool?

Flat head axe

The fire service version of the ______ saw is usually gasoline powered and has changeable blades. 401


To ensure safety when using a rotary saw, start cuts at _______ RPM.


Pry bars and other manually operated prying tools use the principle of ____ to provide mechanical advantage.

Lever and fulcrum

Which of the following types of saws has a short straight blade that moves in and out with an action similar to that of a handsaw? 402

Reciprocating Saw

What tool should be used to breach a masonry wall?

Battering Ram

Opening a hole in a wall is known as? 445


Which of the following types of windows are opened with a small hand crank? 441

Hinged windows

Lexan is how much stronger than safety glass?


What type of saw makes the neatest cuts when breaching a wooden floor?


Double hung windows are made up of ______ sashes. 440


Who’s responsibility of properly maintaining a rapid entry lock box system? 428

property owner

How many FF’s are required if a halligan and flat head axe are used to force an inward swinging door? 429


Standard pad locks have shackles of ______ or less in diameter, and are not case hardened. 427

1/4 inch

Which of the following is NOT a possible hazard in forcing windows? 439

It may decrease the likelihood of a backdraft

Outward swinging doors are also known as _____ doors. 430

flush fitting

When cutting chain link fences it is much easier and faster to use? 

rotary saw

Which of the following types of tools is used with a halligan type bar or other prying tool, is forced behind the ring and face of cylinder until the wedging blades take a bite into the cylinder? 434

K tool

Which of the following tools is a wedge shaped tool that will widen and break the shackles of padlocks?

Duck Billed lock breaker

The J tool is inserted between the doors far enough to allow the tool to be rotated _____ degrees in either direction. 435


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