Chapter 10 Ground Ladders

Wooden or metal pieces that prevent the fly section from being extended are:


The main structural member of a ladder supporting the rungs or rung blocks is the? 472


The rope or cable used for hoisting and lowering the fly sections of an extension ladder is the?


The bottom end of the ladder is the ?


Which of the following types of ladders are single ladders equipped with folding hooks that provide a means of anchoring the ladder? 476

Roof Ladder

Which of the following ladders consist of a base or bed section and one or more fly sections that travel in guides or brackets to permit length adjustments? 476

Extension ladders

Which of the following ladder construction materials has the highest cost of all ladders and weighs the heaviest? 478


Fire service ground ladders must conform to:

NFPA 1931

All ground ladders should be tested before being placed in service, after any use that exposes them to high heat or rough treatment and ? 478


When should ladders be cleaned? 478

after every use

Which of the following NFPA standards serves as a guideline for ground ladder service testing? 

NFPA 1932

Which of the following ladders should be checked for water damage? 480

Wooden Ladders

The following is the optimum climbing angle for ladders 483

75 Degrees

Which of the following is a correct guideline for lifting? 487

Bend your knees, keep your back as straight as possible and lift with your legs

Which of the ladder carries involves resting ladders upper beam on shoulder while arm goes between two rungs?

One firefighter low shoulder carry

Ladder placement guidelines include laddering how many points on different sides of the building? 491


Following personnel is most logical person to decide where to place ground ladder: 490-491

Butt of ladder

Easy way to determine proper distance between heel of ladder and building is to divide working length of ladder by? 494


OSHA requires that all ladders maintain distance of at least ______ ft from all energized electrical lines or equipment. 496


Who specifies whether the ladder should be placed in the fly in or fly out? 496

The manufacturer

During a two FF raise, who is responsible for placing the ladder the desired distance from the building and giving commands? 498


Ladders of 35 ft or longer should be raised by?

At least 3 firefighters

When pivoting a ladder? 501

use the beam closest to the building

What is the purpose of tying in a ladder? 503

To prevent slippage or pulling away from the building

When climbing a ladder how should you grasp the rungs? 503

Grasp the rungs with palms down and your thumbs beneath the rungs

Which of the following are the two ways that a firefighter can safely secure a ladder? 504

Ladder belt and leg lock

How many FF’s are needed to bring down a victim?


How can extraodinarily heeavy victims be removed using ladders? 507

Supported by two rescuers on tow ladders

The base of the ladder should be placed ____of the vertical distance from the ground to the point of contact with the wall. 


When two or more FF’s are lifting a ladder, they should lift on the command of the FF:

At the butt position who can see the entire operation

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