Chapter 17 Loss Control

Which of the following is used to move loose materials? 882

Shovels, bale hooks, and pitch forks

Which of the following is used to remove door frames, window frames, and baseboards? 882

Prying tools

Who should visually direct overhaul operations? 882

Supervisor/officer not directly involved in overhaul operations

Which of the following is used to install temporary doors and window coverings? 882

Power saws, drills, and screw drivers

How many people are usually required to prepare a catchall? 880


What should be done with potentially hazardous areas? 882

Mark or barricade immediately

Which of the following is not a part of overhaul? 881

Determining the method of fire attack

Which of the following is the best way to extinguish large items?

Remove or put outside and extinguish

Injuries such as sprains can be avoided during overhaul by? 882

Physical conditioning

How many FF’s are needed to fold a salvage cover for the 1 FF spread? 878


Which of the following salvage cover spreads has the advantage of one person being able to quickly roll the cover across the top of an object and unfold it? 878

One FF spread with a rolled salvage cover

Which of the following is a characteristic of synthetic salvage covers? 872


Which of the following should be done after salvage covers dry? 873

Examine them for damage and repair holes as needed

Which statement is MOST accurate about the use of wetting agents for hidden fires?

Class A foams are valuable when extinguishing hidden fires

Which of the following statements about scorched or partially burned objects is MOST accurate? 886

They may prove helpful to investigators in determining the cause

Which of the following is the BEST way to extinguish small burning objects uncovered during overhaul? 885

Submerge in containers of water

When fire has burned around windows and door?

It is possible that fire is hidden in the frames and casing

Which of the following statements about insulation materials is MOST accurate? 884

It is usually necessary to remove the material in order to properly check it or extinguish fire in it

Where does overhaul typically begin?

In the area of most severe fire involvement

What may be used to extinguish small fires during minor overhaul operations? 882

Booster hoses

To check for hidden fires by touch, FF’s should feel walls and floors for heat with:

The back of the hand

Which of the following factors determines the extent to which structural member have been weakened? 883

Intensity of the fire

The process of looking for fire extension should begin? 884

ASAP after fire has been declared under control

The accountability system should continue to be used until? 883

The incident is terminated

In residential occupancies, pre incident plans should be made to protect which of the following types of items?

Photographs, important documents, computers, and art

How should household furnishings be grouped whenever possible: 870

In center of room

When should overhaul operations begin?

When the fire is under control and fire cause has been determined

When does salvage start?

As soon as adequate personnel are available

Why is loss control important in the community?

It builds good will

Which of the following are the most effective means of loss control? 868

Salvage and overhaul

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