Pre Incident Planning

In most jurisdictions, single family residences: 970

are not subject to the local fire codes to the same degree as are businesses, institutions, and industrial properties

Pre incident surveys provide FF’s with critical information that: 970

might not be available during an active fire

Which of the following is generally the major fuel source in commercial buildings? 971

Furnishings and other building contents

FF’s who conduct inspections should ______? 967

Present a well groomed appearance

Which of the following usually specifies how fire inspections are to be conducted in various occupancies? 968

Departmental standard operating procedures (SOP)

Which of the following is LEAST likely to be needed for conducting an inspection? 967

Full PPE including SCBA

When are most fire inspections conducted? 968

During normal business hours

What should the inspection team do when they come across a locked room or closet? 969

Ask that the room or closet be opened

Which of the following statements about conducting fire inspections is most accurate? 969

The occupant or a representative should accompany the inspection team and guide them during the entire process

A pre incident planning survey in a public or commercial occupancy allows FF’s to gather information about conditions that might affect: 970

Future emergency operations in that building

If one or more code violations are found: 969

A plan of correction must be agreed upon between the inspection team and occupant

Which of the following is NOT an item the inspection team would look for in surveying the interior?

Furniture/Decor less than 20 yrs old

Why are maps of an occupancy helpful to FF’s? 973

Provide info regarding building construction and fire protection system

Which of the following is LEAST likely item to be noted during a survey? 

Weather conditions at survey time

On average where do most of the fires and civilian fire casualties occur in the US? 976


Where should the survey team begin the survey?

Exterior of the building

A sectional elevation drawing of a structure should be: 975

Drawn to scale

Which of the following can provide important detail and can quickly and easily record tremendous amount of information? 975-976


What NFPA standard addresses fire inspectors? 962

NFPA 1031

Which of the following are made by fire service personnel to gather information for pre incident planning?


What do FF’s do during voluntary residential fire safety surveys? 961

Provide info on fire and life safety hazards

Which of the following is least likely to be noted during a pre incident survey?

current weather conditions

Ensures compliance with life safety codes?


What information in fire incident records can help with prevention efforts?

Info about fire history of community

Which of the following is a benefit to the FD of conducting safety surveys?

Builds good will

What is not a guideline for residential surveys?

Share the info with other entities

Which of the following is one of the most important practices when addressing fire and life safety with occupants?

Maintaining clear and unobstructed exit pathways

Which of the following is a guideline for conducting a residential fire life safety survey?

Inspect all rooms and garage

Fire safety surveys in existing residential occupancies can: 976

Only be conducted on a voluntary basis

Which of the following is NOT a main objective of a residential fire safety survey? 976

Enforcing fire and life safety codes

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