Chapter 18 Protecting Fire Scene Evidence

Which of the following individuals are in a position to observe unusual conditions that may indicate an incendiary fire? 910

First arriving firefighters

FF’s may remain on location as long as necessary but once they leave they may: 917

Be required to get a search warrant to re-enter

Which of the following is the basis for requiring to obtain a search warrant to re-enter a scene? 917

US Supreme Court case

Owners and occupants of the property should be: 914

allowed to talk freely if they are inclined to do so

To avoid disturbing or destroying evidence, delay overhaul operations until: 916

The origin and cause of the fire have been determined

Which of the following should FF’s refrain from doing regarding the cause of fire? 915

Expressing personal opinions to anyone

High heat intensity, especially in relation to other areas of the same room, may indicate?  914

Use of accelerants or intentionally disconnected gas lines

FF’s should report all of their observations concerning the fire to their supervisor: 915

As soon as possible

Who generally is the person to interrogate a potential arson suspect? 914

A trained fire investigator

Who should FF’s make their statements to regarding the cause of the fire?

Fire investigator

If FF’s handle or procure evidence, they:

Become a link in the chain of custody

When cordoning off an area? 917

Law enforcement should be there to protect the area

If an individual re-enters a building with the investigators permission what should happen? 916

The person should be accompanied by an authorized individual

When might a FF’s written account of an incident be valuable? 916

If the FF must testify in court

What is required to re-enter after all personnel leave the building? 

Search Warrant

Which of the following should 1st arriving FF’s make a mental note regarding the fire? 910

Vehicles and people present in the area

Why should FF’s note the fires movement and intensity patterns?

These can identify the original ignition source

Water applied to ordinary combustibles usually: 912

Reduce flame spread

Why should FF’s observe the crowd for familiar faces?

They may be habitual fire setters

Who has the legal responsibilities for fire cause determination?

Fire Chief 

Which of the following factors may have a great effect on the natural path of fire spread?

Wind direction and velocity

When may debris be removed from a fire scene? 918

After evidence has properly been collected by an investigator

What should be done with evidence until an investigator arrives? 918

It should be protected by keeping it untouched and undisturbed

When does the FD have the authority to deny access to any building: 916

During fire ops, and for reasonable length of time after suppression is terminated

Any public statement regarding the fire cause should be made only after the investigator and officer have agreed to its validity and ? 915

have given permission for it to be released

Which of the following is a sufficient reply to any question regarding a fire?

It’s under investigation

What should first arriving FF’s note about doors and windows? 910

If they were locked or open

Which of the following is more likely to indicate possible accelerant use? 912


Which of the following is NOT an observation to be made n route to the scene? 910-911

Trash on the highway

When should FF’s recognize and collect information on a fire? 910

During the response, upon arrival, when entering the structure, and while locating and extinguishing the fire

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