Chapter 8 Rescue and Extrication

A hydraulic tool excellent for small rapid intervention vehicles or for dept’s with limited resources: 336

Combination Spreader/Shears

Which of the following hydraulic tools are operated by transmitting pressure from a manual hydraulic pump through a high-pressure hose to a tool assembly? 336

porta power tool system

Incidents involving the disentanglement and removal of victims from vehicles or machinery are known as? 305


Spark plugs should be checked for?


Incidents involving the removal of occupants entrapped in a structure is known as? 305


Which of the following hydraulic tools spreads as far as 32 inches apart?


Which of the following hydraulic tools are an excellent compression device for shoring and stabilizing operations? 337

hydraulic jacks

Which type of non hydraulic jack has 2 swivel foot plates inserted into opposite ends of a steel pipe? 338

Trench screw jack

Cribbing is most often made of: 339


Cribbing is most commonly used for? 339

Stabilizing objects

Which of the following is an advantage of plastic cribbing? 339

It lasts longer than wooden cribbing

Which pneumatic tools are good for cutting medium to heavy gauge sheet metal and for popping rivets and bolts? 340

Air Chisels

Which lifting/pulling tool allows rescuers to be safely lowered into confine spaces and to lower or raise victims or rescuers? 


Which pneumatic tools used to drive nails: 

pneumatic nailer

Winches should be positioned? 342

as close to the object being pulled as possible

When does scene size up begin?

As the first emergency vehicle arrives at the scene

First arriving _______ should be positioned to provide a barrier to protect the scene.


Chains used for rescue work should be made from? 344

Alloy Steel

How should horizontal motion of a vehicle involved in an incident be prevented? 351

chock the wheels

How should vertical movement of a vehicle involved in an incident be prevented?

With cribs or jacks

Shutting down the electrical power within a vehicle can be accomplished by disconnecting or cutting which cables? 353

the negative cable first

Which of the following is a danger of the SRS or SIPS to rescuers during extrication operations?

accidental activation

Who should begin stabilization of a Pt trapped inside a vehicle?

Rescuer with emergency medical training

Which of the following is an element of patient removal? 356

Cover sharp edges

Which type of glass is manufactured from two sheets of glass that are bonded to a sheet of plastic sandwiched between them?

Laminated safety glass

What type of roofs do not bend?


When should a windshield be removed? 357-358

only when necessary

What is NOT a method of removing a door? 360

Bending it backwards until the hinges break

When removing tempered, the window should be stuck where? 

lower corner

Which vehicle frame types are prone to collapse when the roof is removed?


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