Chapter 8 Rescue and Extrication-Search and Rescue

Marks in a marking system should be placed? 317

On the lower third of the wall or door

Which of the following is the first step in breaching a wall? 322

Feel for heat

If you are trapped by a structural collapse and are against a wall, which of the following actions is recommended? 322

Tap or pound on the wall with a hard object

Both NFPA _____ and the OSHA regulations in 29CFR1910.134 require that a rapid intervention crew be standing by whenever FF’s are in the hazard zone inside a burning building. 322


What does suitably equipped mean for members of a RIC. 323

At least the same type and level of PPE as the interior fire fighting crew

Which of the following items should be taken into a burning building when rescuing a downed firefighter whose SCBA does not have a transfill connection? 324

Complete SCBA Unit

If backdraft conditions are present, entry should only be made:

After ventilation is completed

Which of the following is one of the two primary objectives of a building search? 309

Locating Victims

Which of the following is one of the 2 objectives of a building search? 

Obtaining information about the location and extent of fire

Which of the following is a rapid but thorough search that is performed before or during fire suppression operations?

Primary Search

During the primary search, FF’s should always use: 309-314

Buddy System

Which of the following statements about executing a primary search is MOST accurate?

Start the search as close to the fire as possible

The incline drag:

Can be used by one rescuer to move a victim up or down a stairway or incline

When is it OK for rescuers to enter a trench?

After it has been properly shored

Once a downed FF is located, the next step is to? 324

Check air supply

When searching a hallway with only one team, which of the following actions should member of a search team take? 315

Search down one side of the hallway and back up the other side

Which of the following steps should be done immediately after a FF realizes he or she is in imminent life threatening danger? 

Transmit Mayday

If you are unable to exit the structure, do not have a functioning radio, and cannot reach the wall: 322

Position your flashlight to shine toward the ceiling

Which statements about locating and removing a FF in distress is MOST accurate? 326-327

If FF is unable to walk, use any safe means to carry FF to safety

Tracking devices have a range of approximately ________ft and do not interfere with other on scene radios. 326


Rescuers searching for a FF in distress should first:

Try to establish radio communication

Which of the following is NOT an element of a confined space according to OSHA. 336

Spaces smaller than 5’ wide 4’ deep

When using a life line what does one tug stand for? 368


Elevator and escalator rescues should include an _____ to perform adjustments to the systems. 373-374


When operating within a burning building, search and rescue personnel should work in teams of at least ____ or more. 307


During the _____ search be sure to check the known or likely locations of victims as quickly as possible. 309


In the tag line system, 2 knots after a ring means _____ feet inside the search area? 312

40 ft

Which type of structural collapse is possible in any building where simultaneous failure of exterior walls results in the upper floors and roof collapsing on top of each other? 362

Pancake collapse

Which type of structural collapse occurs when 1 or more walls of a multistory building collapse, leaving the floors attached to and supported by the remaining walls? 364

Cantilever collapse

What is shoring? 365

Any means by which unstable structures or parts of structure can be stabilized

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