Chapter 16 Sprinklers

Which heat detector operates on the assumption that the temp in a room will increase faster from a fire than from normal atmospheric heating? 829

Rate of Rise heat detectors

Which fixed temp heat detector is a glass vial that contains a liquid with a small air bubble? 828

frangible bulb

Fixed temp heat detectors are installed on the _____ of a room. 827


Which auxiliary systems are used only in those communities that are served by municipal fire box system?

Local emergency system

Which of the following is NOT an auxiliary service available on newer systems? 842

Unlocking and opening fire rated doors

Many fixed fire suppression systems depend on a signal from: 841

A manual pull box

Minimum water supply has to deliver the required volume of water to the highest sprinkler in a building at a residual pressure of _____ psi. 850

15 psi

A storage cabinet to house spare sprinklers holds a minimum of _____ sprinklers. 847


Which sprinkler head points downward and is mounted on the underside of pipe.


A _____ valve prevents water flowing from the sprinkler system back into the FDC.

Check Valve

Which rate of rise heat detector is the most common? 829

pneumatic rate of rise spot detector

Rate of rise heat detectors are designed to initiate a signal when the rise in temp exceeds _____ degrees F in one minute. 829


Smoke detector batteries should be changed at least? 

Twice a year

Ionization smoke detectors generally respond faster to ____ fires. 833


Which automatic alarm systems contract with individual customers? 839-840

Central station system

Sprinkler system control valves must be ____ for proper operation. 856


Which sprinkler systems are used when its especially important to prevent water damage.

Pre action system

Who should perform sprinkler system maintenance? 856

a representative of the occupant

which sprinkler systems are used in locations where temperatures below 40 degrees F are not expected? 852

Wet pipe system 

Which type of control valve extends horizontally through the wall with the target and valve operating nut on the outside of the building? 848


Which type of control valve uses a circular disk inside a flat plate on top of the valve housing? 848


Which type of operating valve is located in a remote part of the sprinkler system? 849

inspectors control valve

Which type of operating valve is located on a pipe that connects the supply side  of the alarm check valve to the retard chamber?

Alarm test valve

Which sprinkler systems are installed in one and two family dwellings? 855

Residential systems

Which of the following statements is least accurate about control valves.

They are secured in the closed position with a chain and padlock

Control valve that shows at a glance wether it is open or closed: 848

Indicating control valve

Which of the following is not an effect of sprinkler systems on life safety:

Sprinkler systems activate before smoke can reach occupants

Which type of sprinkler coverage protects the entire building? 842


Which type of control valve is a hollow metal post that houses the valve system? 848


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