Chapter 11 Ventilation

Vertical Ventilation generally means an opening in the roof or existing roof openings for the purpose of: Pg 556

Allowing the exit of hot gases and smoke

Density of the smoke____the amount of suspended particles? Pg 549


Which of the following is NOT an advantage of forced ventilation? Pg 573

It can be powered by a wide array of sources

Which statement about churning is LEAST accurate? Pg 574

There is no effective way to prevent churning

Which of the following is NOT a safety precaution to observe when undertaking vertical ventilation?Pg 559

Start saws on ground and leave them running while hoisting

Concrete roofs: Pg 566

Can be made of light weight material

Which of the following weather phenomenon is MOST influential on horizontal ventilation? Pg 570


To perform hydraulic ventilation, a fog stream is set on a wide fog pattern that will cover _____ percent of the window or door opening? Pg 578


Who is responsible for clearing the HVAC system of residual smoke? Pg 579

Building engineer or maintenance

Many modern building have built in HVAC systems that can significantly _____ the spread of smoke in a structure?Pg 579


Which of the following is a disadvantage of hydraulic ventilation? Pg 578

The operation may have to be interrupted when the nozzle team has to leave the area to replenish their air supply.

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of positive pressure ventilation over negative pressure ventilation? Pg 578

The placement of fans does not interfere with ingress or egress

Which of the following statements about hydraulic ventilation is LEAST accurate? Pg 578

It is used to clear the room or bldg before a fire has been controlled

The location where positive pressure ventilation is set up is called the: Pg 575

Entry Point

When using PPV operation to ventilate multistory building, it is best to apply PPV at the _______ point through the use of one or more blowers. Pg 576


To ensure PPV, all of following actions can be taken except? Pg 577

Making certain that cone of air from blower only partially covers the entry opening

Who must select the place to vertical ventilate: Pg 557

officer in charge

Flashover is the transition between ________ and fully developed fire stages. Pg 544


The first consideration to be taken into account when deciding the need for ventilation is: Pg 548

Safety of FF’s and occupants

A chimney effect occurs: Pg 544

when a ventilation opening is made in the upper portion of a building

All of the following are warning signs of an unsafe roof condition Except:

Hard asphalt

In many instances, ventilation must be accomplished _______ with the use of mechanical ventilation devices and HVAC systems in the buildings. Pg 551


What type of existing roof opening, if containing Lexan plastic, may b removed by dismantling part of the frame? Pg 561


All of the following are ways by which horizontal extension occurs inside a structure Except: Pg 570

Through roof openings by convected air currents

In the absence of built in vents from the basement, heat and smoke from basement fires will quickly spread: Pg 567

Upward into the building

Which of the following factors should not reduce the effectiveness of vertical ventilation? Pg 569

Limited openings between the attack team and upper opening

Which of the following is NOT a way that basement ventilation can be accomplished. Pg 568

Vertical Ventilation can be performed by cutting a trench along side the basement and breaking through the wall

Which of these is Least accurate about trench ventilation. Pg 567

Must not be placed in ahead of advancing fire

Which of the following is not a hazard that can be expected from the accumulation of smoke and gases in a building? Pg 548

Lack of carbon monoxide

Which type of ventilation involves opening doors and windows to allow air currents to move smoke and heat out of building? Pg 547


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