Chapter 12 Water Supply

In residential areas, mains should be _______ inches in diameter? 599

6 inches

What type of pressure is measured with a pitot tube and gauge? 604

Flow pressure

What is pressure? 604

The force that moves water through a conduit

The distribution system that provide circulating feed from all directions is called the _____? 599


Water mains are made of all the following except? 603


In business and industrial areas, mains should be ______? 600

8 inches

Water treatment facilities filter out particulates and add ______ to kill bacteria and other organisms in the water. 597


Which of the following is the main concern for fire protection at water treatment facilities? 597

Disability of the facility’s pumps

When water flows through pipes, movement causes friction to reduce pressure?598-599

Friction loss

Which type of hydrant receives water from only one direction? 599

Dead end hydrant

Which method of moving water will NOT be affected by an extended power outage or pump failure? 597

Combination System

Gravity pressure is only adequate when the primary water source is ______ above the highest point in the water distribution system. 596

100 ft

Which of the following is a ground water supply? 594

Water wells

Most fire hydrants are made of?

Cast Iron

Which method of moving water is often used in industrial and agricultural settings? 595

Direct Pumping Systems

Which of the following is NOT a surface water supply? 594

Water producing springs

Intermediate hydrants may be required where distances between intersections exceed ________ ft? 607-608

350-400 ft

Hydrant testing and inspection is the ______ responsibility. 608

(there is a conflict in this question, book states that in most cities it the responsibility of the water department, however, even in these cities and many others, fire departments personnel perform hydrant testing and inspections. According to the test we took the answer is as follows)

Fire Department Personnel

Which of the following is not something to look for when inspecting fire hydrants? 608-609

Insufficient distance between buildings and hydrants

According to the NFPA, an orange hydrant indicates a flow of: 609

500-999 GPM

A basic rule is to locate a hydrant at ______intersection. 607

Every other

According to NFPA _____ hydrants indicate a flow rate of 1000-1499. 609


In general, hydrants should not be spaced more than _____ feet apart in high value district. 607


When ensuring that a dry barrel hydrant is drained, turn nut clockwise then counter clockwise _____? 607

one quarter turn

According to NFPA _______hydrants indicate a flow rate of less than 500 gpm? 609


Which type of hydrant has the main valve located below the frost line that prevents water from entering the hydrant barrel?

Dry barrel hydrant

A dry barrel hydrant is ______ from the hydrant stem to the main.


When a dry barrel hydrant is closed after use, the remaining water empties through a ____? 606

Drain hole

What type of hydrants are located in warmer climates where freezing is uncommon?

Wet barrel hydrants

Closing a fire hydrant too fast may cause a sudden increase in water pressure called? 605

Water hammer

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